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As we are not a nanny agency, we do not train or certify any of the sitters or nannies that sign up on our site. We will be aiming to help those who want to seek higher trainings in the future, but it is up to each family to investigate via applications and interviews, the level of training of each sitter or nanny. 

Not only do we love our Canadian neighbours and want to have a growing community in one place, but when we initially began the Nani project, we saw the need for caretakers in areas outside one’s home and neighbourhood too. Instead of hiring someone to come along internationally, we thought it might help if we were working with Muslim sitters, nannies and daycares in more than just the USA.

If we see a demand for it, we will definitely partner with a great company to bring you those solutions.

We are on a mission to help thousands of Muslim families at once and we feel that if we are able to provide you an organized and smooth process in searching for the right person for your family, you will be able to find that person even faster and better than our small team can. However, we hope to be there for you during the entire process.  

If you are a subscription-based member, you can cancel your membership after the 3-month period. Please contact us for cancellations or click HERE.

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